The City of Greenwood, IN

Welcome to the website for the City of Greenwood!

Advisory Plan Commission

Working with the Planning Division, part of Community Development Services, the Advisory Plan Commission oversees all aspects of Greenwood city planning operations. Areas of focus include zoning, site plans, construction, land annexation, land alteration and city signage.

Board of Aviation Commissioners

The Board of Aviation Commissioners oversees Indy South Greenwood Airport, ensuring the highest standard of operations and management, and encouraging the airport’s continued growth and development. The board’s key tasks include project development, airport maintenance and operations, airport safety and energy sustainability.

Board of Public Works & Safety

The Board of Public Works and Safety oversees the majority of Greenwood's city departments, the city's property, the sanitary sewer and waste management utilities, and the City's public safety departments. The board also manages all city streets and right-of-ways and oversees development in the city.

Board of Zoning Appeals

Hearing and determining all zoning appeals and petitions, the Board of Zoning Appeals is charged with upholding the City of Greenwood’s zoning ordinance. Following a public hearing, the board evaluates all appeals for permit usage, developmental standards and the potential for special exceptions.

Board of Stormwater Management

The Board of Stormwater Management oversees the city's stormwater utility and focuses on issues of water quality, encouraging best practices in stormwater management and promoting green infrastructure.

Economic Development Commission

Assisting with the continued growth and development of Greenwood's business community, the Economic Development Commission helps retain and expand established businesses within Greenwood, promoting a business-friendly climate in the city.

Fire Merit Board

Governing over the Greenwood Fire Department, the Fire Merit Board manages the department’s employment and organization structure. Core responsibilities include the selection, appointment, promotion, demotion, discipline or dismissal of the department’s sworn merit firefighters.

Parks & Recreation Board

The Parks & Recreation Board is charged with overseeing all recreational needs of the Greenwood community, including the maintenance and construction of high-quality park facilities, trails, physical education, the development of community programming, and community festivals. The board manages and operates the city’s parks, Greenwood Community Center and Freedom Springs Aquatic Center.

Police Merit Commission

Tasked with the selection, appointment, promotion, demotion, discipline or dismissal of the Greenwood Police Department’s police officers, the Police Merit Commission manages all of the department’s employment and sworn functions.

Redevelopment Commission

Working to grow Greenwood’s underdeveloped or underused areas, the Redevelopment Commission is charged with growing and attracting businesses to the community. The Commission approves and spearheads a variety of initiatives, including the funding, execution and strategic design of various development projects throughout Greenwood.