The City of Greenwood, IN

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The Fire Code Enforcement and Investigation Division has two distinct, yet overlapping roles:

  1. Enforcement of the Indiana Fire Code and the City of Greenwood Fire Ordinance for all new and existing businesses, industries and the continuously growing subdivision communities.

  2. Investigation of the origin and cause of reported fires.

Fire Code Enforcement

Greenwood is a continuously growing community. With this growth comes the responsibility to assure that new businesses, industries and residential communities are planned and designed to meet the Indiana State Fire Code as well as the City's Ordinances.

The Code Enforcement and Investigation Division conducts on-site inspections of buildings as they are being built to assure that any and all issues can be addressed early on in the process, saving time and unnecessary expenditures to correct any errors.

The division also regularly inspects businesses and industries throughout the community to assure that the owners and occupants remain in compliance with fire prevention codes. Division members must also inspect buildings whenever major remodeling, renovation or expansions take place. 

According to State Law, whenever a fire is reported, the responding fire department must determine where the fire started and why or how it started. The Code Enforcement and Investigation Division has three (3) full-time investigators to assist with the determination of the origin and cause
of the fires.