The City of Greenwood, IN

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In the event the Severe Weather Sirens are activated, all citizens and guests of Greenwood should seek immediate shelter and stay tuned to local television and/or radio broadcasts for a continual update of severe weather activity.

When under a TORNADO WATCH and a SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING is simultaneously issued, the Severe Weather Sirens will be activated. This warning has proven effective to alert residents that there is the potential for a tornado to form at any time and they should seek shelter while staying tuned to local weather broadcasts.

Upon the issuance of a TORNADO WARNING by the local National Weather Service, which means the Indianapolis forecasting office of the National Weather Service has had confirmed reports of a tornado sighting or has Tornado activity present on their radar, we will sound the Severe Weather Sirens and again urge all residents and guests to seek immediate shelter and stay tuned to a local weather broadcast for continued information.

In the event we have a confirmed TORNADO or FUNNEL CLOUD sighting in or approaching the City of Greenwood, we will activate the Severe Weather Sirens continuously until the tornado has moved out of our area. Once again, please seek shelter and stay tuned to local weather forecasts for continuous updates.

Once severe weather or tornado condition pass through our area, we DO NOT sound an all clear signal. This has proven to very confusing to residents of other communities. Local weather broadcasts are your best source of information pertaining to severe weather as it approaches and when it passes through our area.

Seeking Shelter from Severe Weather/Tornado

Places of shelter from severe weather will vary greatly depending on facility designs and the availability of designated underground areas of shelter.

The best shelter available is underground. This can be a basement, cellar, storage area or a specifically built severe weather enclosure. Once in an underground area stay away from any windows and away from objects that could become flying projectiles in the event of a tornado.

In the absence of any underground protection, move to the smallest interior room on the ground floor. Examples of these are bathrooms, closets and utility rooms. Again, stay away from any windows and items that could become flying projectiles. Try to cover yourself with a mattress or other solid protective surface. One example that has been successful in the past is to lie in the bathtub covered by a mattress.

If you live in a mobile home, your park management may have a pre-designated shelter area for you. If not, your best shelter is to go to low lying ground such as drainage ditches, swales or other areas below grade. Be careful not to seek shelter in ditches or areas that have moving water, as any severe storm can create flash flooding situations in water runoff areas. In the event you have no alternatives, go to an interior closet or bathroom to seek shelter. Lying in a bathtub with a mattress covering you has proven successful for some people in the past.

In an office environment that lacks underground protection, go to the ground floor and go to an interior closet or bathroom. If this is not an option, your best choice would be position yourself under a desk on the ground floor to protect you from falling and flying objects.

If you are out driving, walking, etc during a tornado, stop your car and go to the lowest lying land available, stay aware of moving water and the potential for flash flooding during severe storms. Another alternative that has been effective shelter for some in the past is interstate overpasses and bridges. Stay underneath and move to the very top of either end of an interstate overpass. Under bridges stay as high as possible underneath the bridge structure, stay away from any rapidly moving water.

Our system has been updated to a 2-way digital system that allows us to monitor the status of the sirens. We have several layers of redundancy that allow us to activate the sirens.

The Greenwood Communications Center controls the siren locations listed below. The sirens are tested every Friday at 11 a.m. If you are near one of these sites during a test or actual activation and notice something wrong with the siren, please call Greenwood Fire Headquarters - 317.882.2599.

Severe Weather Siren Site Locations:

  • Fire Station #93 - 255 West Stop 18 Road
  • State Road 135 - Behind Taco Bell/Arbys/Steak-n-Shake
  • ValleVista Golf Course - Behind Q-Lube
  • Camby St.& Madison Ave - Next to GreenwoodMaples Condos
  • Fire Station #92 - 1244 West Fry Road
  • Westwood Elementary -Honey Creek Road
  • Worthsville & Sheek Roads
  • Fire Station #94-755North Graham Road
  • Pleasant Crossing Elementary School-125 West & Stones Crossing Rd.
  • 1977 S. State Road 135
  • 7000 W. Stones Crossing Road
  • 5901 W. Olive Branch Road
  • 4467 W. Countyline Road
  • 4800 W. Stones Crossing Road
  • 4135 W. Smith Valley Road