The City of Greenwood, IN

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Greenwood’s Engineering Division is responsible for a number of city projects and processes:

  • Review site, subdivision and other proposed plans regarding land alterations, ensuring plans meet the city's subdivision
    control ordinance specifications, as well as general engineering criteria.

  • Prepare construction and material specifications for public works projects.

  • Design various city projects, including drainage, street and parking facilities.

  • Take, respond and direct inquiries from the public.

  • Review all proposed residential and commercial improvements for the sanitary sewer utility.

  • Review all construction plans and documents for city-proposed sanitary sewer utility projects, and assist in the planning
    and administration of the utility.

  • Review and approve all SAF Applications for existing and new construction.

300 S. Madison Ave.
Greenwood, IN 46142

Daniel Johnston, Director of Community Development Services and City Engineer  


As-Built Drawing Requirements

Before improvements are accepted and performance guarantees can be released, the City of Greenwood must receive a complete
plan of As-Built Drawings.


Resolution 92-7

Improvement Acceptance Procedures

Read about the process for acceptance of improvements, release of performance guarantees, and acceptance of maintenance guarantees. Please note that all utilities must be installed before beginning this process.

Completion Procedures

Street or Roadway Closures

When situations dictate the closure of a street or roadway within the City of Greenwood, the following shall serve as a guide for notification of the appropriate authorities.

Road Closure Notifications