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July 13, 2017

City of Greenwood and local church detail plan for additional downtown parking
Public-private partnership between city and church will result in additional 168 parking spaces in key downtown area

GREENWOOD, Ind. – At the Greenwood Redevelopment Commission meeting on July 11, 2017, the city announced a letter of intent between the city and Our Lady of the Greenwood Catholic Church (OLG) to create an additional 168 parking spaces in downtown Greenwood.

Earlier this year, the city finalized its purchase of the Greenwood Middle School property which neighbors OLG.  Church members have long used the former Greenwood Middle School lot for overflow parking during church services, athletics and various events.  When the city unveiled its redevelopment plans for the Middle School property, concerns were raised about the need for additional parking both for the church and for downtown city events and businesses. 

Greenwood Mayor Mark W. Myers views the public-private partnership as a win-win for the city and OLG. 

“Parking is a major need in downtown Greenwood.  To be able to partner with OLG to create additional parking spaces in a way that benefits both residents and the church is a huge victory for Greenwood,” said Myers. 

Myers indicated that the parking lot’s location is ideal for overflow parking for events at Craig Park, the amphitheater, and the Greenwood Community Center.

Under the terms of the letter of intent, negotiated during a series of conversations between the city and the church, OLG will provide the real estate necessary to create the parking lot by demolishing two residential homes it has acquired directly north of the church at 329 and 327 S. Meridian Street.  The city will fund the construction of the parking lot and the stormwater infrastructure to serve it.  OLG will provide snow removal, landscaping, and lighting for the lot while the city will maintain and upkeep the lot itself.  OLG will maintain ownership of the lot.

The new parking lot’s 168 spaces will be utilized primarily as a public parking with the hours of 4:00 p.m. on Saturday evening to midnight on Sunday being reserved for church parking only. 

The Redevelopment Commission anticipates finalizing approval of the parking lot agreement at its Aug. 8, 2017 meeting pending approval of the Archdioceses of Indianapolis on behalf of OLG.  The city and OLG hope to begin construction in Spring 2018.