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July 18, 2017

Greenwood Common Council approves $4 million in funding for Police Building Improvements
Project includes remodeled Police headquarters, City Court and probation facilities, City Clerk’s Office and purchase of Police Training Center

GREENWOOD, Ind. – Last night the City of Greenwood Common Council approved the issuance of $4 million in bonds to fund a major renovation of the Police Headquarters, City Court, Probation Department, and City Clerk’s Office.  The bond issuance will also include funding for the purchase of the Police Training Facility located on Lowes Blvd.  The city currently leases the training facility.

The Police Headquarters Building, originally built in 1991, is in need of a substantial overhaul in order to consolidate city offices and meet the needs of a modern police force.

Greenwood Mayor Mark W. Myers says the project evidences the city’s strong commitment to public safety and in updating and modernizing city offices.

“This project will allow Greenwood’s police force to operate more efficiently and collaboratively while providing improved dedicated spaces for the Judge and City Clerk,” said Myers.

The renovation of the building will consolidate the Police Department on the second floor of the building and is based upon an open concept design that will allow officers to work cooperatively while ensuring room for future growth of the force.  It also includes major system upgrades, including a new HVAC system.

“This is an exciting project that will allow our facility to mirror our current work practices and make us better equipped to handle public safety operations both today and into the future,” said Police Chief John Laut.

The acquisition of the police training facility is also a key component of the project.  In addition to being utilized for in-house training, the facility is used by other local and federal law enforcement agencies and allows the department to bring in outside training opportunities for officers. 

“The training facility plays an important role in keeping our officers trained and ready for a variety of situations, securing this facility under city ownership, is a major victory for the department,” said Laut. 

The project will also create a dedicated City Courtroom and allow court offices and probation offices to be reconsolidated in one space and provide a dedicated office designed specifically for the City Clerk’s needs.  Currently, the probation department is located in a temporary trailer in the Police Building’s parking lot.

The bonds will be issued through the City of Greenwood Building Corporation II and are expected to close in late summer.  Construction on the project should begin in early fall with completion estimated for fall 2018.  The Police Department, City Court, Probation Department, and City Clerk Offices will temporarily move into the Greenwood Middle School property during the pendency of construction.