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If you received a traffic ticket for violating a local ordinance, you may be eligible to participate in Greenwood’s Ordinance Violation Deferral Program. The Deferral Program, if successfully completed, allows you to avoid having points and a conviction applied to your driving record. If you have questions about paying your ticket or wish to request a court hearing, contact Greenwood City Court


Local v. State Tickets

Review your ticket closely. 

If you have a computer-generated ticket, look in the box in the middle left of the ticket where it says “CIVIL COMPLAINT & SUMMONS”. Four lines down, it states the law you violated under which your ticket was issued. If this line states “GMC Sec….” the ticket was issued under a local ordinance, please complete the Deferral Application

If this line states “I.C.” followed by a number, for example I.C. 9-21-8-52, your ticket was issued under the Indiana State Code, and you need to contact the Johnson County Deferral Coordinator at 317.346.4528.

Deferral Program

Some offenses, such as speeding in a school zone and speeding in excess of 25 miles over the posted speed limit, are not eligible for the Deferral Program. 

There are additional criteria that must be met in order to qualify for the Deferral Program. To find out if you are eligible to participate, fill out the Deferral Application.

The Deferral Coordinator will obtain needed information, determine if you are eligible to participate, and if eligible, send you all necessary paperwork to enter into the program. It is your responsibility to file the paperwork with Greenwood City Court. We recommend allowing at least one (1) week for the preparation and delivery of your Deferral Agreement.

Program fees must be paid by cashier’s check, money order, or online with a credit or debit card. Sorry, no personal checks or cash.

Your Deferral Agreement must be executed and filed with Greenwood City Court at least three (3) days prior to your first scheduled court date. Your court date does not appear on your ticket. Visit 3-5 business days after the date of your ticket to see your scheduled court date. You can also confirm your Deferral Agreement has been received and accepted by the City Court Judge.

Deferral Program FAQ's.