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FREEDOM JAM @ the Festival | JUNE 30th
Our quest for finding fresh new musical talent

Welcome to our 4th Annual FREEDOM JAM competition! We believe this event will give bands excellent exposure to potential fans as well as opportunities for future shows. Be prepared, this will probably be the largest crowd most have ever performed before. We have seen crowds in this area to exceed 12,000 later in the day. With that being said, relax...have fun...and most importantly, "ENTERTAIN"!

FREEDOM JAM takes place on the KORN Country stage at the festival. We’ll host acts from Johnson and the surrounding counties competing for the chance to open on the big stage next year. With an acoustic division and a full-band division, there’s an opportunity for any kind of musical act and something for every kind of music fan. Combine summer and live music to make them even better with the FREEDOM JAMFill out the following information as completely as possible to enter.

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Acoustic Division - acts with 1 or 2 or 3 individual performers that do NOT include a drum kit or backline amplification equipment. Acoustic/electric guitars are allowed as long as they can run through a central PA system.

Full Band Division - acts with 3 or more individual performers. Maximum number of backline amplifiers will be limited to 4 total amplifiers including a bass amp. A full backline drum kit will be provided. REQUIREMENTS

Contestants must be at least 16 years of age upon event date (Saturday, June 24th) & must be able to provide legal identification for verification purposes. Contestants under 18 must submit parental consent along with their bands entry submission.

All contestants must present proper photo ID & sign a waiver that confirms their personal information & confirms their amateur status (not signed to a recording/production contract)

Acts must submit a band or act name and include an act/band photo and a contact name, address and phone number, and a list of all band members.

Acts must supply a cd, mp3, video or link to their audio sample in order to be considered for event.

Acts must provide stage plot needs (including amp inputs and vocal mics) prior to day of performance. Maximum numbers of guitar amps will be 3 and 1 bass amp. Drum kit will be provided. Maximum number of vocal mics will 5. A complete PA system including up to 4 stage monitors will be provided for each act.


Each act will perform a 15 minute set during the competition hours of the event.

Each contestant performance time slot will be chosen at random prior to the event.

Acts must be at stage 30 minutes prior to start time. Directions to stage and arrival time to event will be announced prior to the day of the event.


Each act will be judged on vocal ability, musicianship, stage presence, showmanship and originality

An onsite panel of three judges will determine the winner of each division. While the audience will not be included in the voting, their response will be considered. Therefore, we highly recommend each act advertise this event to their fans and request their presence at their performance time.

The winner of each division will be announced around 6:00 pm the day of the event.


The winner of each division will be offered a contract, acoustic ($100) and full band ($600), to perform at the 2018 Greenwood Freedom Festival on the Amphitheater Main Stage as the opening acts and on the KORN Stage at the conclusion of Freedom Jam.