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October 7, 2018

Greenwood anticipates completion of first phase for roundabout at Smith Valley Road and Madison Ave.
City expects roundabout open for traffic this week; releases traffic graphics for drivers

GREENWOOD, Ind. – The City of Greenwood is moving toward a major milestone to help alleviate traffic and improve safety for downtown motorists and pedestrians. Greenwood expects to complete the first phase for the new roundabout at Madison Ave. and Smith Valley Road this week, opening to the roundabout to traffic for the first time.

To assist motorists with the new traffic patterns, city officials developed a series of graphics depicting traffic approaching from all four directions. Major changes include:

  • No left turns onto U.S. 31 from Smith Valley Road (eastbound or westbound)
  • Motorists connecting to U.S. 31 will either use the new “jug-handle loop” (eastbound traffic) or the new roundabout (westbound traffic)
  • Left turns onto Smith Valley will continue (northbound or southbound)

“We’ve made great progress and look forward to opening the roundabout to traffic,” said Greenwood City Engineer Daniel Johnston. “The roundabout will reduce traffic delays, back-ups and increase safety for this heavily trafficked intersection.

The second phase of construction will begin immediately after completion of the first phase and includes closure of access to Meridian Street for at least 30 days. Johnston emphasized a plea for citizens to remain alert and drive safely as construction crews remain on the site. He also provided a list of reminders for those unfamiliar with roundabouts:

  1. Reduce speed during the approach.
  2. Observe all road signs and pavement markings.
  3. Choose appropriate lane based on desired destination, and do not change lanes within the roundabout.
  4. Look to the left before entering.
  5. Yield to traffic already in the roundabout.
  6. Use caution and allow plenty of space when near a larger vehicle, such as a bus or truck, which may encroach into other lanes.
  7. Do not stop in a roundabout.
  8. Use signal light when exiting.
  9. Be aware of the pedestrian crossing locations.

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Madison/Smith Valley Roundabout - Northbound Traffic

Madison/Smith Valley Roundabout - Southbound Traffic

Madison/Smith Valley Roundabout - Eastbound Traffic

Madison/Smith Valley Roundabout - Westbound Traffic