The City of Greenwood, IN

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The City of Greenwood has proposed a major sewer relief project, which if approved, would be the largest capital project in the city’s history. Initial design plans for the Western Regional Interceptor call for the installation of 10 miles of sewer pipeline throughout White River Township, which is serviced by Greenwood’s sanitary sewer system. Total cost of the project could range from $60 to $70 million.

There are many reasons relief is needed: 

  • Reports of sewage backups into homes and businesses causing property damage continue to occur.

  • Sewage overflows are harmful for the environment and can cause a variety of public health problems. Overflows pollute our rivers, streams and other bodies of water and can expose people to disease-causing germs such as E. coli that are present in sewage. 

  • A compliance plan - entered into pursuant to an agreed order with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) - calls for the complete elimination of sanitary sewer overflows/backups and mandates a capital improvement plan to address structural deficiencies.

  • The project expands sewer capacity allowing service to be extended to existing and new developments that do not have available service currently and/or have failing septic tanks.

  • It will allow the City to remove ten (10) aging existing lift stations in the service area, resulting in substantial annual cost savings for maintenance and operations and eliminating what many consider to be eyesores that can produce unpleasant odors.

  • The Western Interceptor would make the system capable of handling additional subdivisions, as well as potential commercial development that is likely to occur in downtown Greenwood, South State Road 135 and along the proposed Interstate 69 route.  

For many years, heavy rain events - such as the flooding that took place in 2008 - have taken a tremendous toll on the current sanitary sewer system, particularly on the city’s west side and downtown areas. The proposed pipeline, which would range from 8-60 inches in circumference, would alleviate capacity issues in Greenwood’s sewer system not only on the west side of the city, but well into central and Old Town Greenwood.

The Western Interceptor would channel as many 7-9 million gallons of water per day away from the Pleasant Run Interceptor. Additionally, project plans incorporate the anticipated continued development on Greenwood’s west side and in White River Township. 

View a map of the proposed project.