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Potholes are an unfortunate side effect of our four-season climate. Potholes are caused by water from melting snow and ice seeping into the pavement and softening it. During repeated cold spells, the water in the pavement refreezes and expands, breaking up the pavement, on and below the surface. When the ice melts, it leaves gaps inside the pavement, and the moisture further softens it. The soft, fractured asphalt cannot support the weight of passing vehicles, and begins to break up. As vehicles continue to pass over the weakened spot, pieces of roadway are kicked out, creating the hole in the roadway. The Street Department strives to repair potholes as soon as possible.

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Sidewalk Repair

Keeping Greenwood as beautiful as possible takes a team effort. If you notice sidewalk damage, contact us, and we’ll look into repairs.

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Sign Damage

Caused by weather or vandalism, unfortunately, sign damage happens regularly. If you see a damaged sign, please let us know.

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Snow Plow Damage Report

Greenwood’s Street Department staff is very careful to avoid damaging mailboxes or lawns during a snow storm, but it is occasionally unavoidable.

If your post and/or mailbox is leaning:

Typically, this is due to the force of snow, or the post being aged and/or rotted. When a plow comes down the street, especially in heavy snowstorms, the snow pushes the post and may cause the mailbox to fall off. If this occurs, please straighten your post, reattach the mailbox and secure it in preparation for the next storm. Property owners are responsible for maintaining a stable mailbox.

If your post and/or mailbox is broken:

Please look at your mailbox and make sure it is damaged or broken and unable to be attached. Plow drivers are required to notify a supervisor any time a mailbox is damaged. If you determine your mailbox is broken due to a plow, file a Snow Plow Damage Report.

If a snow plow has driven on your lawn:

It is often difficult for plow drivers to judge the edge of the road. If a plow has driven on your lawn, file a Snow Plow Damage Report, and we will put your address on a list to be visited once the weather is warm enough for grass seed and patching.

Report Snow Plow Damage

Snow Removal

In the course of a snow fall, especially a heavy one, the Greenwood Street Department prioritizes main roadways. Once those are plowed, side streets are the next priority. Our trucks operate on a 24-hour cycle until all streets in the city are cleared. The Street Department’s goal is to have all roads plowed within 24 hours after snowfall ends. Snow collection at the end of driveways is unavoidable when plowing streets, and we apologize for the inconvenience if you shoveled your driveway prior to plows clearing the street.

During a heavy snowfall, move all vehicles off the street at your earliest convenience. Once the street is plowed, we are unable to come back and plow again. Before filling out a request for snow removal, please confirm your residence is within Greenwood city limits. If you are on County Line Road, please contact the City of Indianapolis. Also, please note that U.S. 31 and S.R. 135 are maintained by the State of Indiana.

Snow Plow Map