The City of Greenwood, IN

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The Building Commissioner assists citizens and contractors with the following:

  • Building permits 
  • Inspections for permitted projects
  • Building code questions
  • Investigation of potentially unsafe structural issues

Architectural Design Standards (required for all new residential construction)
Building Permit Reports

300 S. Madison Ave.
Greenwood, IN 46142

Lowell Weber, Building Commissioner


Building Permits
Building Permits

Building Permits

Permits are required for the following items:

Home Renovation Permits
Home Renovation Permits

Home Renovation Permits

Building permits are required for the following:

Building Codes
Building Codes

Building Codes

All plan reviews and inspections are conducted in accordance with current State of Indiana approved codes.



Construction Design Release
Construction Design Release

Construction Design Release

The State of Indiana requires that a Construction Design Release be obtained for most commercial and industrial building projects. Apply through the Indiana Department of Homeland Security or call 317.232.6422.

Health Department

If you are applying for a Restaurant or Retail Food Establishment Permit, you should also contact the Johnson County Health Department to find out what they will require for your project.

Johnson County Health Department
86 West Court St.
Franklin, IN 46131

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Do I Need a Building Permit?

Carports are now prohibited in the City of Greenwood per Ordinance No. 15-42 Architectural Design Standards. No new carports will be permitted.

Concrete Pad or Patio
A building permit is not required to pour a concrete pad or patio. However, City ordinance does not allow anything to be placed in an easement without approval from the Board of Public Works & Safety. In addition, any work in a right-of-way requires a permit from the Engineering Division.

Decks, Pergolas, Gazebos
Any structure bigger than 3' x 3' requires a permit, regardless of whether it is attached to the house. Please use the residential decks, pergolas, and gazebos application packet for this permitting process.

A permit is not needed to install a fence. However, the City of Greenwood Zoning Ordinance Sec. 10-89 does state that "fences, walls and hedges in residential zones may be permitted in any required yard, or along the edge of any yard, provided that no fence, wall or hedge along the sides or front edge of any front yard shall be over forty-eight (48) inches in height." Also, a fence may not be placed inside any kind of easement without approval from the Board of Public Works & Safety. For information on requesting approval from the Board, please print the Encroachment Request Application Packet.

The City of Greenwood does not require a permit for residential HVAC projects. For commercial HVAC projects, the general rule is that anything that is considered maintenance does not require a permit. Replacing rooftop units with a newer unit of similar size does not require a permit. Please contact the Building Commissioner if you are unsure whether your project is considered maintenance work.

Play House or Tree House
A permit is not required for a play house or tree house. If you are unsure whether or not your project meets the City's definition of a play house or tree house, please contact the Building Commissioner.

If your roof project involves the removal of all decking (complete roof replacement), a permit is required. You would use either the commercial or residential remodel application packet for the permitting process. However, if you are only planning to lay new shingles and patch any areas of decking that are unsound, you will not need to apply for a building permit.

A permit is required for any shed or barn, regardless of whether it is to be placed on a permanent foundation. Please use the residential accessory structure application packet for this permitting process.

A permit is only required for siding work if you are in any way changing the structure of the building.

Window Replacement
If you are replacing windows with the same size, a permit is not required. However, any changes in window size will require a permit so that our inspectors can be sure all structural work meets building code. You may use the residential remodel application packet for the permitting process.

Wireless Facility
Any changes to the footprint of a wireless facility and any changes that would affect the height of the structure would need to apply for a commercial accessory structure permit. Additions and/or changes to antennas or equipment that do not affect the footprint or height would not be required to apply for a permit.