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February 15, 2017

Greenwood Redevelopment Commission pursuing aggressive agenda 
RDC lays groundwork for downtown transformation, initiates master plan for new citywide signage and welcomes latest G.R.O.W. Initiative project

GREENWOOD, Ind. – Following Mayor Mark W. Myers’ bold vision for the future – laid out during last week’s 2017 State of the City address – the Greenwood Redevelopment Commission (RDC) yesterday approved a number projects designed to move that vision forward.

RDC members began the meeting by approving the latest project for the “G.R.O.W. Greenwood Initiative,” a $500,000 matching grant program that seeks to improve the aesthetic appeal of businesses along some of its most-traveled corridors. The initiative offers local businesses matching funds to restore, upgrade and enhance their exteriors.

Clown Pediatrics, located along Greenwood’s Madison Ave. corridor, will be the third commercial participant. The company is planning $76,000 in exterior renovations, and the RDC approved a matching grant of $38,000 to support the improvements.

“Small businesses are the foundation for Greenwood’s economy, and the ‘G.R.O.W.’ program is a great mechanism to facilitate growth while providing other benefits to the community as a whole,” said RDC President Brent Tilson. “The interest we’ve received thus far has been much greater than anticipated, and we’re reviewing new project submissions regularly.”

The RDC also began the process of amending Economic Development Plans for Greenwood’s Fry Road and Eastside Economic Development Areas (EDAs). The changes will allow the Redevelopment Commission to pursue future efforts within Greenwood’s downtown core, including an updated list of potential capital projects.

This comes on the heels of Mayor Myers’ announcement of a re-imagined Old City Park, providing additional walkability, connectivity, green space and community gathering places.

“We’re full steam ahead with Greenwood’s downtown transformation,” said Myers. “The RDC plays a critically important role in this process, and I’m very pleased to see their commitment to continuing the momentum we’ve generated thus far.”

During the meeting, the RDC approved a contract with Rundell Ernstberger Associates to design a road connecting Surina Way with Market Plaza, part of the Old City Park project.

Myers also highlighted the importance of creating a master signage plan for Greenwood, which RDC members approved during the meeting as well.

“We have a new identity, several popular public assets and more planned for the future,” said Myers. To create an impactful sense of place, Greenwood’s signage must be consistent and represent the city’s authentic, unique look and feel.”

Development interest outside of downtown Greenwood continues to be strong as well.

After listening to a presentation from ETB Precedent Partners, which is contemplating a new retail development on the City’s east side, the RDC began its consideration process for more than $300,000 in sanitary sewer, stormwater and other infrastructure improvements to get the site shovel-ready. A decision will be made during the RDC’s March meeting.

“This is going to be a very busy year for our Commission,” said Tilson. “The city’s strong balance sheet provides tremendous opportunity for impactful public investment. It’s time to capitalize on Greenwood’s potential.”