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Each year, the Greenwood Probation Department will supervise 400-600 adults

The Greenwood City Probation Department is dedicated to protecting our community through providing supervision to individuals who may be better served in the community than in a correctional setting. Through the use of incentives and sanctions, the department has the goal of aiding each individual to successfully complete their term of probation and address any issues that they might have which might keep them from productive citizenship. Probation is an alternative to incarceration and those who violate the terms of their probation will be brought to the attention of the court for a possible alternative placement.

The Greenwood Probation Department supervises a large percentage of misdemeanor offenders in Johnson County. Historically this means that the department will supervise four hundred to six hundred adults for a variety of criminal offences. Those placed on probation are typically scheduled for appointments and an assessment of risk and needs will be conducted by the probation officer. While on probation, participants are required to submit to periodic drug and alcohol testing. Though generally accomplished through urine drug testing, the department has the ability to administer hair follicle and/or saliva testing. Terms of probation are generally from 6 months to 1 year of supervision though in some cases exemplary adherence to or violation of probation rules can result in an early release or extension of probation.

In addition to being a recognized Indiana Probation Department, the Greenwood Probation Department is also a Certified Court Alcohol Program and the majority of its staff are either Licensed Addictions Counselors or CSAMS certified. Those probationers who present themselves with substance abuse issues will be given a substance abuse evaluation. Education or treatment services to meet this need will be a condition of probation completion. Substance abuse evaluations may either be conducted at the Greenwood Probation Department by one of its certified staff or through the Johnson County Alcohol and Drug Services program in Franklin.

The Greenwood Probation Department is also home to one of the oldest Drug Court programs in Indiana. Since 1999, the Court and Probation Department have worked with community agencies to provide an intensive, abstinence-based Recovery Court experience for area individuals with drug or alcohol abuse and/or dependence issues. This intensive treatment program was expanded in 2014 to include a Veteran's Treatment Court for those soldiers, airmen and marines who have served our great nation and are experiencing mental health and/or substance related problems. 

Finally, the Greenwood Probation Department is here to serve and protect the public. Questions regarding probation services, counseling agencies, or places that individuals and families might get help for substance related matters are welcome. Probation staff with addictions experience will be happy to direct individuals in how and where to get help before it becomes a court issue.


Monday-Friday: 8 a.m.-Noon, 1-4:30 p.m.

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