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09/07/2021 unknown Hubler Automotive Group to become premier Greenwood Fieldhouse partner 916   Details icon
09/07/2021 unknown Parks Foundation Honors Greenwood’s Oldest Tree 407   Details icon
09/02/2021 unknown City of Greenwood adds new sculptures to “Art on the Trail” feature along Polk Hill Trail 316   Details icon
08/23/2021 unknown Greenwood Parks to Host Third Pickleball Open 545   Details icon
08/20/2021 unknown ERMCO breaks ground on new headquarters in Greenwood 946   Details icon
08/04/2021 pdf CDBG Park Trail 106 Review City Letter 183 124 KB Details icon
08/04/2021 pdf CDBG PY2021 Action Plan DRAFT 188 519 KB Details icon
08/04/2021 pdf CDBG PY2019 Action Plan Amendment 92 146 KB Details icon
07/19/2021 unknown Greenwood to Build Long-Awaited Trail Extension 887   Details icon
06/24/2021 unknown Greenwood Mayor unveils designs for new sports complex during State of the City address 3132   Details icon
06/11/2021 pdf 2021 Festival Booth Map for Vendors 77 853 KB Details icon
06/08/2021 pdf PC2021-027 Ermco 138 1,258 KB Details icon
06/08/2021 pdf PC2021-023 CA Industrial LLC 129 5,101 KB Details icon
06/03/2021 unknown Greenwood kicks off Summer Concert Series, prepares for highly anticipated 2021 lineup 1378   Details icon
05/26/2021 unknown City of Greenwood awarding $1.5 million in federal grants from Community Development Block Grant Program, CARES Act 928   Details icon
05/18/2021 unknown City of Greenwood Parks Department and Greenwood Parks Foundation announce Food Truck Pilot Program 3088   Details icon
05/14/2021 unknown Fully vaccinated people no longer required to wear masks in Greenwood City Center Building, other city buildings 364   Details icon
05/10/2021 pdf PC2021-017 Scottsdale Primary Plat Packet 132 20,620 KB Details icon
05/10/2021 pdf TLE Greenwood Parking Waiver 68 143 KB Details icon
05/05/2021 pdf Easement Vacation with Memo 60 3,515 KB Details icon
05/05/2021 pdf BZA2021-007 Staff Report with Exhibits 72 2,524 KB Details icon
05/05/2021 pdf BZA2021-006 Two Development Variances Sam's East 68 32 KB Details icon
05/03/2021 unknown Greenwood City Center Building, other city buildings reopen to public 346   Details icon
04/13/2021 jpg ERMCO to relocate headquarters to Greenwood 1180   Details icon
04/07/2021 pdf BZA2021-006 with Exhibits 80 10,171 KB Details icon
Documents 1-25 of 137