The City of Greenwood, IN

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The Greenwood Recovery Court helps people recover from drug and alcohol problems, rebuild their lives and strengthen their families. Participants are adults who have a long-time problem with alcohol or other drugs and who have failed in other treatment programs.  The goal of Recovery Court is to help the participant become a law-abiding productive citizen.

The Recovery Court, like probation and all post-conviction services offered by the City of Greenwood, is funded entirely through fees paid by the people receiving the services, along with some small grants. No local tax dollars are spent on the Recovery Court or other post-conviction services.


To be eligible for Recovery Court, a participant must have had a minimum of two law enforcement contacts due to alcohol or drugs within the past
five years.

Recovery Court does not accept individuals who have any convictions for crimes of violence, including sex offenses. Recovery Court generally will not accept anyone with a conviction for the sale of drugs.

Each participant is required to have a paying and verifiable full-time job or be enrolled in school full-time. Any participant who is able to work and does not have a full-time job or be in school full-time must perform 40-hours of unpaid community service work.