The City of Greenwood, IN

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The Planning Division works to makes sure Greenwood develops in a way that benefits the entire community. The division regulates and assists businesses in various improvement and development areas, including land use, zoning, site plan review and construction.

The Planning Division is also responsible for land alteration and sign permits. Land alteration permits are required to begin preparing a site for development, and sign permits are required for all business signage within the city, including temporary signs.

Architectural Design Standards (required for all new residential construction)

300 S. Madison Ave.
Greenwood, IN 46142

Bill Peeples, Planning Director  



Annexation                                                          Plat Vacation

Appeal                                                                 Residential Site Development Plan

Change in Commitments                                    Special Exception

Developmental Standards Variance                    Use Variance

Final Plat Change                                                Zone Map Change

Comprehensive Plan


Section 1 - Introduction                                        Section 6 - Transportation
Section 2 - Trends                                                 Section 7 - Old Town
Section 3 - Guiding Principles and Vision             Section 8 - Urban Design
Section 4 - Goals and Objectives                         Section 9 - Public Facilities
Section 5 - Land Use                                             Section 10 - Strategic Action Plan

Appendix A - Public Participation
Appendix B - Plan Evaluation and Revision

I-65 Land Use Plan

Platting Process

To view Greenwood's Zoning and Platting Ordinance, see Chapter 10 of the Greenwood Municipal Code.

Primary Plat ApplicationSecondary Plat Application

Sign Permits

The Greenwood Planning Division handles all sign permits for properties within the city limits. Both permanent and temporary signs are regulated and may require a permit. Click here to view Greenwood’s Sign Code. 

Sign Permits

Portable (32 square feet max. face size)


Portable (temporary)



$3 per square foot, minimum $300*


$3 per square foot, minimum $150*


$3 per square foot, minimum $60*


$3 square foot, minimum $750*

Interstate Hi-Rise

$3 per square foot, minimum $750* 

*All fees include a $10 technology fee   

Permanent Sign Permit Application

Temporary Sign Permit Application

Take Off Sheet for Guarantee Estimates

Transmission Rights-of-Way Guidelines/Restrictions (Duke Energy)

Zoning Map