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Traffic Violation Deferral Program Application

Traffic Violation Deferral Program Application

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PLEASE REVIEW YOUR TICKET CLOSELY! If you have a computer-generated ticket, look in the box in the middle left of the ticket where is says “CIVIL COMPLAINT & SUMMONS”. (handwritten tickets, look in the middle where is says “DID COMMIT THE FOLLOWING OFFENSE” In this area it states the law you violated. If it says “IF” on this line, your ticket is a state infraction and you must contact the Johnson Prosecutor’s Office at 317-346-4528 to apply for their Deferral Program.  If it says “GMC Sec”, yours is an ordinance violation ticket and you have come to the right place to apply for the Deferral.

The Deferral Program, if successfully completed, allows you to avoid having points and a violation applied to your driving record. The cost of the Deferral Program is $195 instead of the cost of the ticket. To learn if you qualify for the Deferral Program, you need to complete an Application on this website or by calling 317-887-5009. Please be sure to answer EVERY question. This is simply an APPLICATION – NOT A DEFERRAL AGREEMENT! If you qualify, you will receive an e-mail within ten days with your Deferral Agreement attached, along with an instruction sheet. Once you receive your Deferral Agreement, you need to sign the Agreement and file it with the Court, along with the payment. Do not pay for the Deferral Program until you have received and filed your Deferral Agreement.

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