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VOLUNTEER | Greenwood Goes Green

VOLUNTEER | Greenwood Goes Green

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Greenwood Goes Green is the city’s ongoing initiative to educate, inspire and empower residents and businesses to create a healthy, vibrant, connected community. There are several opportunities to get involved in the community.


PARKS SPRING FLOWER PLANTING | Daily May 7th to May 11th
We are looking for volunteers interested in helping plant flowers in our parks throughout the City. There are two shifts available each day (9:00 AM and 1:00 PM) from May 7th to the 11th. Volunteers will meet at the Greenwood Community Center and travel to the daily planting locations.

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May 7 all day

May 9 | 9:00 AM

I am attending with intent to receive Volunteer Hours and will have a form that needs to be signed. 
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I do hereby RELEASE, HOLD HARMLESS, FOREVER DISCHARGE, PROMISE NOT TO SUE, AND WAIVE ANY AND ALL CLAIMS AGAINST, the City of Greenwood, Indiana (hereafter “City”), and its respective officials, officers, employees, and agents, for relief, demands, losses, damages, liabilities, fines, charges, penalties, administrative and judicial proceedings and orders, judgments and all costs and expenses of any kind whatsoever, incurred therewith, including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs of defense against the City and/or its respective officials, officers, employees, and agents for any and all injury, illness, damage or loss to property or person, sustained directly or proximately caused by, or which may exist or which may hereafter arise, from my and/or my child’s participation in, or due to any negligence or other actions or inactions by the City, while I and/or my child participate in the Volunteer Activities (hereafter “Activity”), in the City or for any negligence of the above-named parties in maintaining the premises at which such Activity is conducted.

I am fully aware that I will be solely responsible for the safety, supervision and training of myself and/or my child for the Activity, and that the City is only providing a forum and is in no way responsible for the safety, supervision or training of myself and/or my child while participating in this Activity on City Property.

I further agree that my child and I shall abide by all the rules and regulations pertaining to the Activity as may be designated by the City, its agents or employees. I further acknowledge that I realize that there is some inherent risk and danger involved in my and/or my child’s participation in this Activity. I fully understand the risk involved, and I voluntarily assume the risk of the possibility of any danger or injury to me and/or my child’s person or personal property resulting from my and/or my child’s participation in this Activity.

I further state that there is no medical reason why I and/or my child cannot or should not participate in this Activity. I further acknowledge that I have read the foregoing, understand its terms and meaning, and have made diligent inquiry concerning any questions about this document that I may have had.

I hereby grant permission to the City and its officials, officers, employees, and agents to photograph my and/or my child’s image, likeness, or description and to edit, crop or retouch such photographs, and my child and I waive any right to inspect the final photographs. I consent to have photographs of me or my child be used by the City for marketing, promotional, or informational purposes and in any medium. I waive any claim for compensation for the use or publication of photographs of me and my child and fully and forever discharge the City from any claim for damages of any kind arising out of the use or publication of said photographs.

I affirm under penalties of perjury that I am at least eighteen (18) years of age or older, and that I have executed the above and foregoing Waiver and Release from Liability on behalf of myself and/or my child and that such is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief on this date.