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GREENWOOD, Ind. - The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) has announced the recipients of the 2023 Community Crossings Matching Grant Call for Projects during its second round. The City of Greenwood has been awarded $1 million to make upgrades to local roads and bridges.

“Greenwood is constantly evolving and developing, and that is why it is crucial that we also continue to adapt our roads to fit the needs of the community,” said Greenwood Mayor Mark W. Myers. “Proper infrastructure is essential to having an efficient city and we are grateful that the state is contributing to our efforts in improving our public assets.”

The city will use the $1 million to complete paving projects on various roads, including Georgetown Road, Leah Way, Pilgrim Road and more.

An additional $1 million will be contributed by the city for a total estimated cost of $2 million to accomplish local projects including asphalt base repairs, milling and overlays on 4.7 miles of roadways including the following streets:


Street:                                    From:                                                  To:


Georgetown Road                  Smith Valley Road                              Main Street

Leah Way                                Georgetown Road                              Savannah Drive

Pilgrim Road                           Yorktown Road                                   Savannah Drive

Savannah Drive                      Georgetown Road                              Leah Way

Boonesboro Court                  Boonesboro Road                               Dead End

Boonesboro Road                   Yorktown Road                                   Boonesboro Court                                                                    

Pilgrim Court                           Plymouth Rock Way                           Dead End                                                                                  

Plymouth Rock Court              Plymouth Rock Way                           Dead End

Plymouth Rock Way               Georgetown Road                              Boonesboro Court

Yorktown Road                       Smith Valley Road                              Plymouth Rock Way

Melody Avenue                       Main Street                                         Meridian Oaks Drive

Meridian Oaks Drive               Melody Avenue                                   S.R. 135

Barngate Circle                       N. Greenbriar Drive                            Dead End

New Amsterdam Drive            Meadowview Lane                              N. Greenbriar Drive

Greenbriar Drive                New Amsterdam Drive                        Stillwater Lane

Monticello Court East             Monticello Drive                                  Dead End

Monticello Court West            Monticello Drive                                  Dead End

Monticello Drive                      Main Street                                         Standish Drive

Easton Point Drive                  Meadowview Lane                              Easton Point Way

Oldefield Commons Drive      Smith Valley Road                              Kay Drive

Sarah Court                            Oldefield Commons Drive                  Dead End

New Amsterdam Drive            Monticello Drive                                  75’ West         

Indiana’s Community Crossings Matching Grant Program launched in 2016 and allows municipalities to apply for grants to help with local road enhancements. This is Greenwood’s seventh year as a municipal partner. INDOT has awarded the city more than $6.6 million for improvements.

Earlier this year, Greenwood completed a full reconstruction of Kensington Park Road, paving projects in the Forest Park subdivision, a partial reconstruction of Alexander Street and a structural overlay of Averitt Road. These upgrades as well as a new concrete curb, updated driveway approaches and the installation of underdrains were made possible from the funds received through Community Crossing grant opportunities in 2022.

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