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May 16, 2018

Greenwood approves first phase of construction for $3.8 million Emerson Ave. makeover
New design includes nine decorative medians, lighting and new trail

GREENWOOD, Ind. – The City of Greenwood is moving forward on plans to transform Emerson Ave. During its May meeting yesterday, the Greenwood Redevelopment Commission (RDC) approved a $3.8 million construction contract to begin work on one of the major routes through Greenwood.

Plans for the 1.5-mile transformation includes raised decorative center medians, new traffic signals, 65 trees, enhanced lighting and a multiuse trail. The revamped Emerson Avenue will stretch from Main Street to County Line Road with construction beginning this month.

The first phase of construction totals $1.8 million and includes road work and nine landscaped medians.

Greenwood Mayor Mark W. Myers says the improvements will provide both immediate and future benefits to the city.

“Emerson is an important thoroughfare for Greenwood,” said Myers. “The design offers a more aesthetically pleasing experience while also adding to the city’s expanding trail system. Long-term, these improvements will act as a catalyst for additional private investment along Emerson.”

During a presentation to the RDC last year, city officials highlighted the large amount of land yet to be developed along Emerson. Several parcels, many with frontage on Emerson, would become much more desirable, with nearly 50 total acres available for commercial investment.

“Our role as a commission is to help guide strategic public investment and dedicate funds to projects with a high potential to spur investment from the private sector,” said RDC President Brent Tilson. “This project is a perfect example of that mission, and we anticipate a significant return for Greenwood.”

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