The City of Greenwood, IN

Welcome to the website for the City of Greenwood!

City leaders are pleased to announce Greenwood’s 2024 approved operating budget. Next year’s balanced budget outlines Mayor Myers’ dedication to meeting the needs of the community by highlighting priorities including public safety, improved infrastructure, economic development and quality of life.

“The 2024 budget reflects the city’s commitment to developing and improving life here in Greenwood. I am thankful for the collaboration from our department leaders, which has been instrumental in the allocation of the coming year’s budget,” said Greenwood Mayor Mark W. Myers. “Greenwood’s growth and strategic planning has allowed us to continue to invest in important matters without having to raise taxes.”

Greenwood plans to keep the city’s tax rate the same as 2023 and utilize a general obligation bond to make capital investments in the city, which include upgrades to local infrastructure. Greenwood’s growth in net assessed value makes it possible to maintain a level property tax rate.

Public safety is the driving factor for the Myers’ administration. 32.4% of the budget, the largest portion, will go towards public safety with a notable change of a 5% cost of living adjustment for all employees. This funding will also support new technology and resources that are essential for Greenwood’s police and fire departments to operate efficiently.   

It is vital that the budget remains balanced to sustain the city’s growth. Additional sectors receiving allocated dollars include roads and streets, planning and zoning, aviation, parks and recreation and other government functions.

Local roadways will receive needed repairs and maintenance to accommodate residents and visitors while city planners will utilize funding to continue project and economic development. Parks, along with other departments, will receive dollars for necessary equipment and additional employee positions.

Greenwood has created a way for residents to understand how the city spends and receives money with the help of the Financial Transparency Portal. To view the portal, visit the finance department’s page on the city website,

The view the approved 2024 operating budget, please click here.