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Stormwater Payment Portal

You will need your Stormwater account number to use the Payment Portal. If you do not know your Stormwater account number please call (317) 865-8238 option 2 then 3 or email our office at

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Open or Close Account

Stormwater accounts can be opened and closed only if a property changes ownership. If you have bought or sold a property inside Greenwood city limits, please email and include your name, phone number, service address and closing date or call 317.865.8238.


A property owner’s stormwater bill funds the cost of operations, maintenance, capital projects and planning for future expansion. Stormwater rates are based on the amount of impervious surface area on each parcel or property. This is because impervious surface results in runoff and increased water into the stormwater system.

The Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) is defined as the approximate average impervious surface area on a residential property. The City measured a sample of randomly selected residential properties and determined the ERU to be impervious surface area divided by 2,800 square feet. The ERU is considered the base billing unit and is used in the billing calculation for properties.

The billing rate is $15.00 per ERU per quarter.

ACH/Electronic Billing Credit

Receive $10 off your next utility bill with the Greenwood ACH / Electronic Billing Utility Credit!

Sign up for electronic statements and automatic bill pay and receive a $10 credit toward your next stormwater bill. Click here to sign up.

In order to receive the one-time $10 credit, you must be enrolled in both the Automated Clearing House (ACH) program and E-Billing service. Eligible customers must receive all bills and notifications electronically, with no paper mailings.

The $10 credit will be applied to your next bill after enrollment
but will be revoked if the ACH or E-Billing services are cancelled within 6 months after the initial sign-up date. Saving money and
the environment is another way Greenwood Goes Green!

To sign up for ACH and e-billing, click HEREThe completed form can be emailed to, placed in the dropbox located outside of Greenwood City Center, or mailed to the city's lockbox at:

Greenwood Stormwater
PO Box 727
Indianapolis, IN 46206

Stormwater Credit Manual

Online Forms

Authorization for Bank Drafting (City of Greenwood) - Sign up for automatic payment from your checking account each month.

Electronic Statements Form - Sign up to get your monthly statement sent electronically.

Change of Address Form - Complete this form if you would like to have your bill mailed to an address that differs from the listed
address on the property deed.

Large Print Utility Bill

Utility bills are available in large print or Braille for persons with a visual impairment.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for stormwater billing contact information and a list of frequently asked questions.